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I write books because I love creating characters and worlds and stories. By the time they become scripts or stage plays or books, the stories are demanding to be told. A screenwriter since the 90s, Dad's Red Dress and The Angelica Touch are my first published novels but I'm working on the sequel to Dad's Red Dress and a handful of other books, all at different stages and look forward to introducing them to you here. 

Next month (April 2018), I am launching my first non-fiction book. Write That Script! And Write it Now is for everyone who has tried to write a script or who has an idea that would be perfect for TV and film. There's just enough theory so you know where you're going and what you need to do - I've taught screenwriting since 1996, given courses or workshops in most Irish unis and many of the colleges across the country. But because completing a screenplay is a huge enterprise, I've included original and film-based examples to explain everything in bite-size chunks and added loads of writing exercises I've used with students over the years, to oil those writing muscles and stimulate your imagination. There's lots more but I'll tell you more closer to the time.  - Lindsay 

“Off the wall and gorgeous. I love every word!” – Maria MacDermottroe, actress, The Boxer about The Angelica Touch

About L. J. Sedgwick

L. J. Sedgwick

L. J.SEDGWICK is an award-winning screenwriter whose credits span genres and form, from feature films, television drama and children’s series, to short films, radio plays and game narrative. Her first novel (Dad’s Red Dress, 2017) was described as ‘joyous, loving... truly unique among the vast canon of coming-of-age stories...a delight to read’.  Her second has been reviewed as ...Another gift of joy from Sedgwick, the Angelica Touch is filled with heart and warmth. With a setting and characters that fire the imagination, the reader gets sucked in to Angelica's world immediately and pulled along on an incredible ride of the emotions... This is a wonderful, imaginative tale that will leave you smiling.

In addition to screenwriting credits, Lindsay’s plays have been produced throughout Ireland and in the UK and her writing has been described as ‘gripping,’‘gut-wrenching’ and ‘seductive’.